But this was her , she was the kinda girl that kept quite , she was funny and honest she was someone you could trust . She had kindness in her harsh formality , overwhelming her peers . She was a stoner , a pot head , an innocent little hippie and yes she could be moody and grouchy , she could be loving and sweet , but it didn’t matter who she was .. He still looked at her with a twinkle in his eyes .

Safety nets

We sat there on the stone wall feeling alive , feeling free , at that moment we all looked at one another like we were inseparable even though we all knew we’d go our different paths after that day . Perfection was in the beauty of a moment and it was rare . I looked down at the little stream flowing next to me and knew that this was my last year in this small town and then I’d be abroad a boat sailing down the little stream into bigger horizons . It was also then that I looked up and saw the worn faces of all my highschool friends and realized why they say highschool is the best time of your life , because it was the time you tasted the bitter world , it was the time that inside you felt alone and broken but looked to your left and looked to your right only to see all the others right there allowing you to fall softly . This peaceful moment was the time of my life , the time my life had just started to begin , without my safety nets .