Forever , love . 💕

Today was special . so special that my exhausted self needs to write about this but I has been 3 years today I made love to my best friend . He waited patiently all this time just for me and I can’t even begin to explain how honored and treasured I feel . Not only was the sex great but so was the entire day . We have the most peculiar relationship ever and yet we are like clock work . It is always the best moment , Oh god was it love . It was and will always be love .


All curled up in silk sheets , I looked out the hotel window and saw all there was to dream . Paris lights shone bright as the romantics fantasized and I understood why people so often saved all their earnings to come here because it was truly breath taking but the longer I layed , my lingering mind wandered and I realized Paris was not the place of love but truth , here I came to all senses , I was in the most beautiful place without him. All the work , the money , took me here , without you. Money cannot buy happinesses nor love dear friends but it will take you places where fantasy is made if you only kept the faith that dreams , fairytale’s , and love do ,can , will , come true .